Why Insure Your Gadgets?

Everybody loves their gadgets. From smart phones to laptops and tablets, mp3 players to games consoles and GPS systems, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Portable technology has become such an integral part of our working and social lives, helping us to stay in touch wherever we are, that suddenly being without it can be a nightmare.

The Mobile Generation of Gadgets

Thinner, lighter and more portable; manufacturers are always competing to release new gadgets into the market which intend to make working and connecting on the move much easier. The functionality and design of modern gadgets result in having to pay a premium price for your devices. So how would you feel if you suddenly had to live without them. Yes you may feel like you have lost your best friend, but if you add up the cost of all your gadgets, your purse or wallet's hearts may be a little more broken when you have to fork out to replace or fix your lovable gadgets.

Leisure Guard Saves Your Gadget's Day

Gadget insurance with Leisure Guard is low cost and high value, and will ensure you are given peace of mind when you use your gadgets; whether at work, home or on the move. Flexibility with Leisure Guard means that you can choose the exact cover you need for your gadgets.