Why should I insure my Samsung Galaxy?

Electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our modern lifestyles, and to lose or break a device that is otherwise in constant use can be highly disruptive - not to mention expensive. That's why it can be worth providing yourself with a safety net, so that if your device is lost, stolen, or damaged you can get the show back on the road with a minimum of cost and hassle.

You will be covered against

Accidental Damage

We will pay the costs of repairing your device as a result of an unintentional situation.

Theft (Silver and Gold policies only)

We will replace your device with a replacement if it is stolen. Where only a part or parts have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.


Should your Galaxy breakdown outside the manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty period we will pay the repair costs. If we are unable to economically provide a repair then, at our discretion, a replacement Item will be provided by us.

Unauthorised Usage

If you are charged for unauthorised calls, texts or data use and it is lost or stolen, we will refund the cost of any calls, texts or data used between the time it was lost or stolen and the time it was blacklisted by your airtime provider.

World Wide Cover

Your covered anywhere in the world for up to a maximum of 90 days in total.

Loss (Gold policies only)

If you lose your Galaxy device we will replace it with a replacement.

Are there any excess charges?

Up to £100 UK Excess

Up to £100 Loss of Device Excess

Up to £100 Overseas Claim Excess

The Excess for an iPhone X is £100; the Excess for an iPhone 8 & 8+; A Galaxy Note 9, A Galaxy 8 & 8+ is £75. For all other Gadgets the Excess is £50.